STEIGER Energy and Environment Ltd offers a wide variety of high quality peat industry and environmental consulting and engineering services. The company serves customers in geological survey (peat), peat resources assessment, production planning, environmental impact assessment (EIA), the permitting process management, monitoring, after-use plans, various studies and analysis (eg. dust and noise measurements and dispersion modelling, environmental studies), life cycle analysis (LCA), peat production certification and provides laboratory services.

After-use of Peatlands:

Especially interesting for potential customers in areas such as Central and Eastern Europe, we can provide a solution for disposal of ash and a full after-use plan for abandoned or to-be-closed peatlands. Such areas are not only wastelands that should left to their own devices, but they can be converted to productive use such as forest, which would provide sustainable energy in the future. With our experience of this technique in Finland, we can reclaim vast areas which are deemed useless. This will also fulfill any legislative requirements imposed by the European Union or national governments. For an elucidating presentation of a former peatland converted to forestry, please click here.

Full list of our services:

Peat survey

  • Geological studies and mapping of peat resources
  • Mineral exploration and evaluation of reserves
  • Assessment remaining peat reserves

Technical planning

  • Production planning
  • Preparation planning
  • After-use planning
  • Drying planning and pumping projects
  • Road construction planning


  • Environmental studies
  • Surveys of environmental values
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Control and measurement design and implementation
  • Dust and exhaust gases dispersion modeling
  • Calculation of noise dispersion and modeling
  • Life cycle modeling

Consulting Services

  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies and profitability analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Production management
  • Expert reports
  • Permitting process management
  • Peat production certification
  • Utilization of ash
  • Biomass production in swamp bottoms

Laboratory services

  • Analysis of peat organic material, heating value, decomposition degree and humidity degree and other necessary analyzes
  • Noise measurements
  • Measurements of indoor and outdoor air dust concentration
  • Other environmental studies and measurements