Peat analysis

  • Geological Exploration Report of Riesco Island Peat Deposit in Chile, 2013 (Peat Energia Spa)
  • Geological research of Nurme production site 2010, (ASB Greenwod Eesti)
  • Geological research of Lipniku production site 2010, (Tootsi Turvas)
  • Residual reserve estimation of Nurme Turvas production site 2010, (Nurme Turvas)
  • Geological research of Tõnumaa II production site 2009, (ERA Valdus)

Production planning

  • Assesment of profitability for extracting the peat in the overburden of Narva oil shale open cast,Narva Estonia, 2013 (Eesti Energia)
  • Production project of Laiküla 2 Production site 2011, (Torf)
  • Production project of Leinasoo production site 2008, (Tootsi Turvas)
  • Correction of Kõrsa peat deposit reserve 2008, (Torfex)
  • Production and dewaterisation project of Illaste production site 2007, (ERA Valdus)

– Production permit application of Soosaare production site 2006, (Kraver)
– Production permit application of Keressaare production site 2004, (Lauka Turvas)
– Production permit application of Koordi production site 2004, (Halliste Turvas)
– Production permit application of Piilasoo production site 2004, (Saare EPT)

– EIA of Põharan and Põhara II production sites, 2011 (Torfex)
– EIA of Lavassaare II production site, 2011 (Tootsi Turvas)
– EIA of Kuislemma production site, 2008 (Tootsi Turvas)
– EIA of Kasesoo production site dewaterisation, 2007 (Tootsi Turvas)
– EIA of Rääma production site , 2006 (Biolan Baltic)
– EIA to NATURA area of Illaste production site, 2005 (ERA Valdus)

– Rehabilitation project of Riisiperen production site, 2009 (Tootsi Turvas)
– Rehabilitation project of abandoned Adraku production site to wetland, 2009 (Ministry of the Environment)
– Rehabilitation project of Lavassaare production site, 2007 (Tootsi Turvas)
– Rehabilitation project of Lavassaare production site to ganary grass cultivation, 2006 (Tootsi Turvas)
– Rehabilitation project of Sangla production site, 2005 (Sangla Turvas)
– Rehabilitation project of Orgita production site, 2005 (ERA Valdus)  


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