About us

We are able to offer you services provided by a wide range of qualified professional staff and experience from bioenergy sector for 35 years.

The professional company is owned by the Estonian Engineering Bureau STEIGER OÜ. STEIGER OÜ is an independent Estonian consulting firm, which has been established in 2004. Over the years it has grown Estonia’s leading mining and peat industry design bureau, which employs 35 highly trained professionals. We have close cooperation with Finnish consulting company Biodiili Ltd.

Our staff  is proficient in Finnish, Estonian, English and Russian.

For more about the parent companies STEIGER OÜ, please click at respective logos:

Steiger OÜ Biodiili Oy

Our company name comes from an old German mining term “Steiger”, which means mining leader. Root of the word is the German language (Steige (r) nd) – to get up or come to light. The word was in use since the Middle Ages. Throughout history, the security has been the mining industry’s top priorities. Steiger had been made to ensure that the men who landed in a mine in the morning, came back from there in the evening in good health. Steiger Energy and Environment Ltd continues the same tradition in a safe operating environment associated with the tradition of its operations and invest in well studied, high-quality and sustainable development principles implemented in the energy and environmental industry.